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Writer is an AI content detector tool that distinguishes human text from AI text.

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About Writer

Writer is an AI tool that uses a unique algorithm to identify AI-generated text. It usually analyzes the body of the text for vocabulary, language, and structure to identify similarities with AI-generated text.

How Does Writer AI Content Detector Work?

Writer detects AI-written content by checking for patterns commonly found in AI-generated text. It then compares the content of the text to an existing database. These patterns include specific words or phrases that are superficial and lack human emotion.

While the result or output may not be 100% accurate, Writer remains a powerful tool to help review and detect AI-generated content.

Features of Writer

1. AI Content Detector

This tool is easy to use and available for free. Copy and paste your file and click ‘analyze’ to get your result. You can also opt-in for the monthly subscription if you desire more features.

2. Simple Scoring System

Writer has a simple scoring system that is easy to understand. It gives results in percentage and tells you the amount of content written by a human or AI.

For example, if the result is 100%, it means that the entire work is original and not written by AI.

Use Cases of Writer AI Content Detector

1. Detects Plagiarism in Academic work

Writer can help researchers check essays for plagiarism. Also, it can help students who want to scan their research work for plagiarism before submission.

2. Legal Uses

Legal teams can also use the tool to ensure proper language is used in contracts, and that legal terms are not misused.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Avoid Getting My Content Flagged In Writer?

The only way to avoid getting your content flagged by Writer is by providing original human content.

2. I Am Logged In To Writer But I Can’t Find The AI detection Tool. What Do I Do?

The content detector tool is only available in the free tool or via the API. You won’t find it when you log in to Writer.

3. Is Writer A Free Tool?

Yes, it is a free tool.

4. My Human-Written Content Got Flagged As AI content. Why?

This means your content isn’t naturally written, or that it lacks some sprinkle of emotion. Try to rephrase your words instead.


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