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An AI tool that converts text to speech.

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AI Text-to-Speech Tool: Ad Auris

Ad Auris Play is an AI transcription tool that transforms articles and documents into audio.  It allows you to listen to your written work right on the site, or download it to your account for later access.

Ad Auris helps you discover new things and remain up-to-date with matters of your interest. You can also choose a preferred language and voice on the site. Also, Ad Auris Play has existing articles that you can listen to on the website or save for later. Some of these include; The Atlantic and Intelligencer.

Ad Auris Play is super convenient and free to use. You can listen to articles in a car, at work, home, or anywhere at all.

How Does Ad Auris Work?

Ad Auris is simple to use. The tool uses artificial intelligence to transcribe text to audio. You can start using Ad Auris by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Ad Auris website.
  2. Paste the url address of your article or paste the entire text into the empty box.
  3. Click “generate.”
  4. Within seconds, Ad Auris will create an audio version of your article.
  5. Play your audio article right away or download it to any music app of your choice for later.

Features of Ad Auris AI Text-to-Speech Tool

  • Audio And Video Compatibility

Ad Auris can generate audio from online articles and video files. So even if your file is .wav or .mp4, Ad Auris can help you transcribe your work.

  • Language Translation

Ad Auris has another interesting feature of changing files into multiple languages. Just select the preferred language you want, and Ad Auris will get it done for you.

  • Easy Download And Export

Ad Auris is an AI tool that supports easy download and export. You can download your file for later or you can export it to a different location on your device without losing audio quality.

Use Cases of Ad Auris

  • Quick Response

Active listening drives quick responses. Users can use Ad Auris to listen to matters that affect them, and respond quickly if need be. 

  • Brand Advert

When people watch or listen to adverts, they are more likely to convert. This is because they can relate to another human voice. Ad Auris can be used to advertise your brand to a range of customers.

  • Social Listening

Social listening is important. It helps you get a clearer picture of what is happening online. Ad Auris can be used to enhance social listening by giving you instant knowledge of what’s happening around you. 

  • Content Management

Content is crucial to the success of a business. Ad Auris can be used to listen to online content, thus helping content writers manage what they post online, and make edits if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Ad Auris Work With Different Languages?

Yes, Ad Auris recognizes multiple languages asides from English.

2. Can I Fix My Audio Language To A Particular Language?

Yes, you can select whatever language you want to listen to on the website for your convenience.

3. What If my Industry Is Not Specified In Ad Auris?

Ad Auris is currently working on increasing its knowledge base so that they can include as many industries as possible.

4. Is Ad Auris Free?

Yes, it is free. Ad Auris offers free 30 minutes transcription every month. However, there’s also the option to upgrade your account for more features.


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