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An AI social media assistant that helps brands find influencers.

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About Affable AI

Affable is a AI platform that allows brands and agencies use specific keywords and social media channels to find influencers. The tool also has certain filters to help brands narrow down their search in finding the right influencer.

Affable makes influencer marketing effective. The tool helps you reach a larger audience within a short time, while tracking and analyzing the performance of influencers. It also has a payment processor, allowing brands and agencies to offer instant payments to influencers.

How Does Affable AI Work?

Affable is easy for anyone to use, even if you’re a beginner with social media.

Brands and agencies can use Affable to find social media influencers, while analyzing and tracking campaign performance.

-simply select any influencer you want

-view their profile

-check their posts

You can also send an email message to the influencer and keep record of conversations.

Once the campaign kicks off, you can use some features on Affable to measure the campaign’s performance, and see if the influencer met the objectives.

Features of Affable

  • Discover Influencers:

Affable has a search feature and filters to help you find influencers based on your location or interest.

  • Campaign Management:

You can easily manage your campaigns by tracking performance and analyzing results to make decisions.

  • In-depth Analysis:

Affable allows users to maximize revenue, while setting effective marketing strategies.

  • Smooth User Experience:

Affable works smoothly without crashes. It has easy-to-use features that can be useful for newbies and experts.

  • Customer Support:

Affable offers excellent customer support. They quickly respond to complaints and offer instant solutions to problems.

Use Cases of Affable

  • Brands and agencies can use Affable to find influencers, and distinguish verified ones from the unverified ones.
  • Affable can be used to track the success of campaigns. Inactive campaigns can also be reactivated using Affable.
  • Affable can also be used by brands to maximize revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Affable AI?

Affable is an AI platform that allows brands to discover and engage social media influencers.

2. Is Affable Simple to Use?

Affable is one of the easiest platforms to use. Even those who have no knowledge of handling social media can use Affable.

3. Does Affable Support All Social Media Channels?

Affable supports TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

4. Is Affable Free? 

Affable has a free trial for 14 days after which users can pay a subscription plan.

5. Can I Reactivate My Campaign?

You can reactivate your campaign on Affable when it ends. Just visit the site and follow the instructions.


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