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MikeAI provides personalized assessments, meal plans, and workout plans depending on your goals or dietary requirements.

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MikeAI Overview

MikeAI is a web-based application powered by AI to act as a personal fitness AI coach. The advanced technology has a team of professionals who help bring your fitness game to the next level.

From customized meal plans and workout sessions tailored for your body type — to FitnessGPT, which answers questions related to fitness, MikeAI will help you to get in shape faster. Asides from fitness, MikeAI can also generate any meal recipe for you.

How Does MikeAI Work?

As your personal AI fitness coach, MikeAI has dynamic flexibility. If your fitness goal changes, the tool will specify your recommendations: meal plans or workouts that match your needs. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Fill Out the Form

Start by visiting the MikeAI website  and fill out the form. Provide basic fitness information about yourself. With this information, MikeAI will develop a personalized plan meeting your dietary needs.

Step 2. First Meal and Workout Plan

Next, the tool will generate your first meal and workout plan. You’ll also get a fitness assessment depending on the information you provide.

Step 3: Access to FitnessGPT

Talk to FitnessGPT to help answer any fitness-related questions throughout your fitness journey. Whether it’s your first time hitting the gym or you are nursing an injury, you can go on to ask FitnessGPT. It has all the answers you need.

MikeAI Features:

  • Fitness Assessment: Users can get a fitness assessment from the basic information they fill out on the form. The AI-powered tool will then generate a customized fitness plan with this assessment.
  • Meal Plan: The AI-powered tool provides an in-depth meal plan that meets your fitness journey and dietary requirements.
  • AI-generated Recipes: Need to learn how to whip up a certain meal? Don’t worry; MikeAI will generate recipes from your available ingredients and meet your dietary preference.
  • Workout Plan: Users will get a workout plan specially curated for them to meet their goals and dietary.
  • FitnessGPT has an AI chatbot to assist users with fitness-related questions and injuries.

To enjoy the full features of the tool, you can subscribe to any of their two plans:

1. Fitness premium for $4.99 (one-time fee payment)

You will get:

  • 10 Meal Plans
  • 10 Workout Plans
  • Unlimited Recipes
  • FitnessGPT (100 questions)

2. Fitness Coach Assistant for $29.99 (monthly subscription)

You will get:

  • Unlimited Meal Plans
  • Unlimited Workout Plans
  • Unlimited Recipes
  • AI Client Data Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Use Mike AI?

As your fitness AI coach, MikeAI will help you improve your fitness journey and stay healthy. The platform will hold your hands throughout your fitness journey, creating personal meals and workout plans suitable for you.

2. Is MikeAI Free?

No. MikeAI is only available with a one-time payment of $4.99 or monthly subscription fee of $29.99.


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