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Originality AI helps detect plagiarism and AI written content.

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About Originality AI Detector

Originality AI is an AI-powered content detection tool that helps professors, bloggers, students, and businesses detect artificially generated content. It helps ensure that content is human-written and original.

How the Tool Works

Originality AI analyzes your content and compares it to existing content online, to check for potential plagiarism and know if it’s AI-generated.

The tool shows the percentage of original and AI-written content, making it easy to detect AI-generated content, and ensure that writers create 100% original content. Originality AI can easily detect content produced by AI models like GPT 3, ChatGPT, or GPT-3.5 (DaVinci-003).

Features of Originality AI Detector

1. Accurate AI Detection

Originality AI detects AI-written content with an accuracy of 99% for GPT-4, and 83% for ChatGPT. It also boasts a low false-positive rate of 2%.

2. Robust Plagiarism Checking

Originality AI has an advanced plagiarism checker that helps identify plagiarized content.

3. Readability Score Optimization

This tool also helps users optimize their content for better readability, improving their Google ranking.

4. Comprehensive Team Management

Originality AI allows users to add or remove team members, manage access levels, and monitor activities.

5. AI Detection API

With this feature, users can integrate Originality AI’s detection capabilities into their own tools or workflows for a more streamlined process.

6. Shareable Reports

Item is a new medium for presenting Ideas Powered by AI. Start writing beautiful, engaging content with none of the formatting and design work.

Originality AI provides easily shareable links, enabling users to prove their content is not AI-generated or plagiarized, and that it meets readability standards.

Tool Use Cases

1. Bloggers

As a blogger, producing original and engaging content for your readers is essential. Not only is it important for building a loyal audience, but it also helps establish credibility and authority in your niche.

Bloggers can use Originality AI to ensure they’re not publishing low-quality AI-generated content on their websites. This is most applicable when checking pieces submitted by external writers.

2. Educators

As an educator, it’s crucial to uphold academic integrity in the classroom. However, with abundant information online, ensuring that your students submit original work can be challenging. With Originality AI, teachers can easily detect originality.

3. Students

Producing authentic work is crucial, especially if you want to succeed academically. However, it’s easy to accidentally plagiarize without even realizing it. Originality can be a valuable tool for students looking to verify the originality and authenticity of their work before submitting it for a class or assignment.

4. Web Designers & Publishers

Search engines like Google dislike spammy and low-quality content. Running copy through Originality ensures your landing pages don’t contain AI-generated content. Also, for website flippers, (those who buy and sell websites), the tool helps check which websites have original human content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Originality AI Detector Worth It?

For folks who need a plagiarism checker and AI detector, Originality AI is totally worth it.

2. Does Originality AI Have A Free Trial Or Plan?

No, but the tool offers an introductory rate of 2,000 words for $20.

3. How Accurate Is Originality AI in Detecting AI Content?

The tool has an accuracy score of 99%. The founders also work hard to ensure the tool is regularly trained on GPT’s latest and past iterations.

4. Does Originality AI Detect Gpt-3?

Yes. It is 94% accurate at detecting GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and ChatGPT.

5. Is There a Word Count Limit?

You must enter at least 50 words to check for AI-generated content. When using the Chrome extension of the tool, you need to select at least 100 words.

6. Does Originality Help Change Content Detected as AI?

No. The tool only offers plagiarism and AI detection features. They don’t re-write content.

7. Does Originality AI Offer a Lifetime Deal?

No, you have to purchase credits whenever you want to check content.


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