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This tool identifies AI-generated texts in sentences, paragraphs or documents.

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About OpenAI Classifier

Open AI Classifier is a free tool that detects AI-generated texts. Users can upload their content on the Classifier to see if it contains AI content. However it has a character limit of 1000, and it’s not the most accurate detection tool.

How Does OpenAI Classifier Work?

Log into Classifier with any browser of choice. Afterward, copy and paste the document you want to scan. The Classifier will then run through the document to check if it’s human-written content or not.

The Open AI Classifier collects datasets from a wide range of content written by humans, such as questions or prompts. Through this, responses are formulated from several language models trained by the company.


1. Simple Interface

OpenAI has a simple and straightforward interface. Simply upload the document you want to check and click “submit.”

2. Thorough Detection Training

Classifier is thoroughly trained on human-written text from several sources like Wikipedia, Reddit, and other websites.

3. Publicly Accessible

This powerful tool is publicly accessible to everyone and free of charge.

Use Cases 

1. Speech Detection

Open AI Classifier can be used to detect speech for AI .

2. Image Identification

OpenAI classifier is used to identify visual objects and other pictorial elements, thus enabling computers to comprehend the world around them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Character Limit?

While Open AI Classifier is a powerful tool, it has a character limit of 1000 per response.

2. How Does Open AI Classifier Collect Data?

Open AI Classifier collects data through cookies.

3. Can It Generate Images?

Yes, Open AI Classifier uses a feature called DALL-E 2 to generate images.

4. How Accurate is this Tool? 

Open AI Classifier has stated that its classifier is not 100% accurate in detecting human text.

5. Can It Write In Other Languages?

Yes, Open AI Classifier can generate texts in different languages.


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