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GPT Zero detects text written by Llama, BARD, ChatGPT and other AI tools.

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About GPT Zero

GPT Zero was created by Edward Tian to detect AI-generated text.

AI tools that generate texts pose a threat to the educational sector, no thanks to their ability to generate answers to assignments or produce essays, without scholars having to lift a finger.

Thankfully, GPT Zero serves as a transparent and reliable tool to detect texts written by humans, and those written with AI.

How Does GPT Zero Work?

GPT Zero analyzes a text, paragraph, or document to detect if it’s written by humans or AI. It does this by identifying the sentence structure, grammar, and style of the text. It then highlights the specific parts generated by AI or human.

After a thorough analysis, the tool scores the text and tells the reader how much text is written by a human, and how much is generated by AI.


  • A scoring system which detects how much text is generated by AI.
  • This tool has a shield that makes it impossible for AI-generated texts to bypass it.
  • Can detect AI-generated text from tools like BARD, ChatGPT, GPT-2 and many others.

Use Cases

  1.     Education

The launch of ChatGPT has made several students dependent on the tool for assignments, making it difficult for teachers to access the actual performance of students. With this AI detection tool, teachers can check the authenticity of students work.

  1.     Job Recruitment 

Job openings often have numerous applications, and sorting these applications can be challenging. This tool can help hiring teams identify eligible candidates, by detecting the originality of content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Accurate Is GPT Zero?

It has an accuracy level of 98%.

2. Can GPT Zero Detect Other Languages?

Yes, this tool can detect AI-generated text in different languages.

3. Can It Detect Only Chat GPT Output?

No, GPT Zero can work across various AI models including BARD, GPT-3 and others.

4. How Do I Use This Tool?

Paste the text or upload your file to GPT Zero, and it will check for AI-generated content.

5. Will My Text Be Forever Available On the Tool?

GPT Zero values the privacy of its users. Therefore, no document or content is saved or shared online.


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