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GLTR AI is an outstanding tool that can analyze texts generated by other artificial intelligence tools.

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About GLTR

GLTR, which means Giant Language Model Test Room, is among the biggest language models. This tool was founded by a group of researchers in the United States and it uses the GPT-2 117M language model.

Did we mention that it’s also enhanced by OpenAI? Yes, it is!

This AI Detection tool helps remove false words or forged information from a text or document. Additionally, GLTR can identify generation objects by involving baseline statistical methods over the usual sampling schemes.

This tool can also identify fake profiles on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thereby reducing how people use fake profiles or spread fake news on social media.

How Does Gltr AI Detection Work?

AI-tools create text in a different way from humans.

GLTR detects AI-generated text through the changeability of human writing. Since the tool uses GPT-2 as the language model, it can use any input and figure out what words will be read by GPT-2 in each position.

GLTR has adequate knowledge of the information or result given out by GPT-2, which enables it to classify all words known to the language model. This classification of words is used to keep information in a particular position.

This tool uses different colors for easy comprehension, which are shown over each text matching the particular position.

  • Color green represents text among the top 10 ranked words.
  • Color yellow represents texts among the top 100 words.
  • Color red represents text among the top 1000 ranked words, while the rest of the words are marked in purple.


  1. Visible Identification: GLTR highlights AI-generated words with colors, making them instantly visible.
  2. Histogram Analysis: Can accurately examine histograms to show the frequency of AI-generated texts.

Use Cases

  1. Can identify fake emails.
  2. Can detect if a human or a bot applied for a job.
  3. Can detect comments generated by AI or human and detect fake news online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Free to Use Gltr AI?

Yes, this tool is free to use.

2. Can It Analyze Audio and Video Content?

No. GLTR can only analyze texts.

3. How Much Time Does It Take Gltr AI To Analyze A Text?

Often takes just a few seconds.

4. Can This Tool Detect Plagiarism? 

No. This tool can’t detect plagiarized text but can detect plagiarized AI content.


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