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An AI tool that answers questions with correct answers – based on how you train it.

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About AI Chat Tool

AI Chat is a platform that offers you a variety of tools to connect with visitors on your website and increase their engagement. It has a live chat and a chatbot to directly contact visitors on your site. With this tool, you can easily personalize how you interact with website visitors.

This AI Chat tool also supports multiple platforms and can be integrated into third party apps like Slack.

How Does AI Chat Work?

  • Go to the AI Chat website, input the message, question, or query you want answers to.
  • AI Chat analyzes the message using Natural Language Understanding (NLU).
  • AI Chat will then search its existing database to obtain relevant information.
  • AI Chat will then automatically generate a response to the text.

Features of AI Chat Tool

AI Chat has a ton of features including:

  1. Multiple Languages: AI Chat supports multiple languages, so feel free to generate responses in any language you want.
  2. Live Chat and Default Replies: AI Chat lets you directly communicate with your visitors via live chat. You can also set default responses. This helps in quick automated responses and excellent customer support.
  3. Analyze Email Activity: AI Chat can also serve as an email assistant, analyzing emails and helping you check their status.
  4. User Profile: AI Chat allows users to have personal profiles – where they can store data.
  5. Call Outreach: With one click, you can simply call your visitors from their user profiles, thereby enhancing  communication and outreach.

Use Cases

  • Banks: Banks can use AI Chat on services such as tracking loan applications, credit card applications, policy renewals and others.
  • Insurers: Insurance applications can take forever before authorization. Insurers can use AI Chat to easily track these applications and work safely.
  • Online Businesses: For virtual stores, AI Chat can help with payment, product suggestions, and even generate leads.
  • Customer Support: AI Chat can assist customer support teams in solving questions and offer customized recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Languages Does Ai Chat Support?
    AI Chat supports multiple languages such as English, Arabic, French, Japanese, Italian and others.
  2. Can AI Chat be Used on Mobile Devices?
    Yes, AI Chat can be used on mobile devices like Android or Iphone.
  3. Does AI Chat Provide Application Programming Interface (API)?
    Yes, it does.

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