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The OpenDream AI art generator helps you transform your ideas into images.

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About OpenDream AI Image Generator

This free AI art generator helps you generate images from your texts. OpenDream eliminates the back and forth process in art creation, allowing users to produce stunning masterpieces in minutes. The platform provides a therapeutic and easy way of creating original artwork, regardless of your artistic ability.

How Does OpenDream AI Picture Generator Work?

To generate an AI image on OpenDream, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up or log in to your OpenDream Account.
  2. Choose your desired template (you can skip this step if you want to create your images from scratch).
  3. Prompt or describe your image idea (what you want the AI to generate).
  4. Click the “Create” button.
  5. Save the AI-generated art. It’s now ready for you to download or share it.


OpenDream AI has some unique features which include:

  • Tonnes of Great Ideas

The AI picture generator has unique ideas that improve users’ creativity. From preloaded templates and an extensive collection of artistic resources to creative prompts, OpenDream will ignite your artistic fire and push your boundaries of art expression.

  • User-friendly Interface

Anyone can create exquisite AI images on OpenDream. It has a simple interface that is easy for anyone to use, even those with minimal technical expertise.

  • Fast and Efficient

This tool helps you generate AI images in seconds, thanks to lightning-fast page loads.

Use Cases

OpenDream allows your imagination to run wild, and use the images generated however you want. Other use cases include:

  • Intrigue your customers with stunning AI images of your products. Generate graphics that catch the attention of your potential customers, and stand out among competitors.
  • You can also sell your AI-generated images for some cash. This includes prompts, print-on-demand items, and stock photos, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Opendream Have Paid Plans?

The platform has various paid plans to accommodate different budgets. They include;

  • Free Forever: Use the platform for free with limited features.
  • Essential: It has more features than the free forever plan. You’re billed $9.90 a month.
  • Pro: It has more features than the Essential plan. You’re billed $19.90 a month.
  • Business: Has more features than the Pro plan. You’re billed $189.90 annually.

Visit the website for more details.

2. Do I Have Full Copyright Ownership Of What I Create?

Absolutely. You’ll retain copyright ownership and use the images for commercial purposes. It’s, however, wise to adhere to OpenDream policies and guidelines.


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