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img uses AI to quickly develop stunning and original art or images.

img Added on December 29, 2023

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About is an AI image tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate images. This is done by interpreting prompts given in conversational English. The platform uses this comprehension to then produce digital art and images.

This allows users to specify their desired art style with prompts, spanning from acrylic-style paintings to the elegance of fine art.

How To Use

To use, follow these procedures:

  1. Sign-Up or Log In: Open your browser and navigate to the website and sign up.
  2. Create Prompt: After signing up, write a descriptive and concise prompt in conversational English.
  3. Generate Images: After the system has generated the art, review it and fine-tune the result by giving further prompts to make it just like your imagination.

Features of

  1. Multiple AI Models: users can choose from 8 distinct AI Models, each fit for various effects and artistic styles.
  2. Parallel Processing: Users can queue a list of images up to 30 and generate up to 4 images in parallel, which outperforms the speed of 8X RTX 3090 GPUs.
  3. Blazing Fast Performance: has a high-performance speed, utilizing server-grade A100 GPUs. It achieves an average generation speed of 4 seconds for an image.
  4. Comprehensive AI Tools: The platform provides powerful AI tools where users can upscale, create and enhance faces, edit images using natural language instructions, and adjust depth.
  5. Advanced Customization: Users on this platform can finely customize their creations. They can manipulate any advanced parameter and align them with the generated art. Use Cases

  • For educational and learning purposes.
  • For Designers and Artists.
  • For content creators who want to create digital art easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dreamlike.Art Really Free?

Yes, but with some limits.

You begin with about 50 credits and claim 24 free credits every day. However, you can access more credits if you subscribe to a plan, which can either be:

  • The Core plan: $12 a month
  • Pro plan: $24 a month
  • Ultra plan: $48 a month

On the free plan, a user can queue up to 5 images and be able to generate one image at a time. Plus, some settings for this user are limited. Visit here to compare the available plans in detail.

2. Is There an API?

The team is working on releasing a public API soon. If you run a high volume, you need to request beta access by emailing

3. Does Dreamlike.Art Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, they do! You can earn a 20% commission on subscription renewals and sales (up to a year) from your referrals.

4. Can I Use Generated Images Commercially?

Yes, you can (don’t do anything illegal 👀). All you need to do is abide by the content policy.

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