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DiffusionBee offers an easy, quick, and free way to generate images on your computer.

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About DiffusionBee

DiffusionBee is a free AI image generator that helps users generate images from text prompts. It also offers tools to help users generate AI art based on their imagination.

The platform has cutting-edge features, including image-to-image and text-to-image conversions, upscaling, and other custom options to produce stunning results.

With DiffusionBee, you can also edit existing images, while creating new images from scratch as well.

How Does DifusionBee Work?

Follow these steps to start using the platform:

  • Download and install the DiffusionBee App (p.s the app is only available on MacOS).
  • Proceed to sign up using your details.
  • Once you sign up, you’ll be able to start generating AI images on the app.

Note: DiffusionBee is totally free, so you won’t have to subscribe for added features.

Features of DiffusionBee

  • Text to Image: Generate any image with text.
  • Image to Image: Modify your existing images through text prompts.
  • Out-Painting: Allows users to expand images outwards through text prompts.
  • Upscaling: This allows you to use AI to automatically increase image resolution.
  • In-Painting: Remove or add objects to selected objects within an existing image.
  • Privacy: All image generation happens within the app; nothing is shared with the cloud.
  • Custom Models: Using DreamBooth, you can use different external stable diffusion models to modify image styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Will The Images Be Generated?

DiffusionBee generates all images locally within your PC. Nothing is sent to the cloud.

2. How Long Will It Take To Generate The Image?

With an 8GB M1 MacBook Air, DiffusionBee will only take 30 seconds to generate a quality image, with the speeds increasing with high specs computers.

3. Is DiffusionBee Free?

Yes, the tool offers free stable diffusion features.

4. Are the Generated Images Free To Use?

You’re totally free to use the generated images, provided you fully comply with CreativeML Open RAIL-M standards and license.


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