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An AI tool that generates art for designers.

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About AI Art App

AI Art App is an AI tool designed to receive prompts from a user and generate artwork according to the context given by the user. Artists and graphic designers can enter prompts and generate art in seconds with this tool.

AI Art App can perform text-to-image prompt or image-to-image prompt. It utilizes various resources like Evoke, Storywizare, Digirama, Pictionairy and many more.

How Does The AI Art App Work?

Users can use this AI Art tool by entering a command (which can include text, tags or apps). This command is called a prompt, and it should be entered as clearly as possible so the app can understand it. The tool will then generate a matching image to fit the prompt.

AI Art uses its algorithms to understand commands. And after understanding such commands, AI Art App will then generate art.


  • AI Art has blockchain features, and can generate useful art for web3 and Blockchain projects.
  • It has learning resources to help users understand the platform easily.
  • This tool can turn text into art by generating images that match the text.
  • The tool also has storytelling features for children and storytellers.
  • This tool can help you generate art ideas

Use Cases of AI Art 

  • Content Creators can use this tool to generate art for their videos.
  • Graphic designers can use AI Art to generate designs and save time.
  • Web3 and Blockchain engineers can use the tool to generate art for their Blockchain projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does the Tool Work?

AI Art App uses advanced AI algorithms to generate artworks based on the prompts entered.

2. Is It Free To Use?

Yes, the tool is free to use for everyone.

3. Is The Artwork Generated Unique? 

Yes. The tool generates artwork based on the context in the prompts you give to it. This means every art generated is unique, because prompts will always differ. With this, you have no fear of using someone else’s art in your work.

4. Is It legal to Use AI Art?

Yes, it is legal to use this tool.


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